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The United States has always been a source of fascination— both attraction and repulsion — for the people of France, Mexico, China, and African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Sudan. America Through Foreign Eyes is a rich, interdisciplinary, international course that features Rice faculty from a variety of disciplines and area studies. Focused on perceptions of America abroad, the course is a cross between World Cultures and American Studies. The course features four main segments, each covering the perceptions and interactions of particular regions with America, Americans and Americanization.

Course Format

Introduction to the Course, Dr. Julie Fette

Week 1 Module 1: America through African Eyes, Dr. Jeffrey Fleisher

Week 2 Module 2: America through Chinese Eyes, Dr. Anne Chao

Week 3 Module 3: America through French Eyes, Dr. Julie Fette

Week 4 Module 4: America through Mexican Eyes, Dr. Moramay López-Alonso

Week 5 Module 5: Reversing the Gaze: Africa, China, France, and Mexico through American Eyes, Drs. Fleisher, Chao, Fette, López-Alonso


  • Do I need to speak the languages explored in the course?
    No, the course content is presented in English. However, some course material will also be available in other languages.
  • What resources will I need for this class?
    A working computer and internet connection.
  • What can I earn for completing this course?
    You can earn a Verified Certificate by verifying your work. If you choose not to verify your work, you can still participate in the complete course and earn a Statement of Accomplishment.
  • Can I get credit for this course?
    Academic credit for this course is not offered.

Professor Information

Picture of Dr. Julie Fette

Dr. Julie Fette

Julie Fette is a specialist of French studies. Her research interests include gender, xenophobia, immigration, children’s literature, and dance. She published Exclusions: Practicing Prejudice in French Law and Medicine, 1920-1945 with Cornell University Press in 2012. Professor Fette’s current research focuses on representations of gender and

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Picture of Dr. Anne Chao

Dr. Anne Chao

Anne Chao holds the title of lecturer in the History department, lecturer in the Poverty, Justice and Human Capability Program, Visiting Professor at the Chao Center for Asian Studies, as well as Adjunct Lecturer in the Humanities at Rice University.

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Picture of Dr. Jeffrey Fleisher

Dr. Jeffrey Fleisher

Jeffrey Fleisher is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Rice University, Houston, Texas. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Anthropology from the University of Virginia. He taught at Lehigh University before joining the faculty at Rice University in

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Picture of Dr. Moramay López-Alonso

Dr. Moramay López-Alonso

Moramay López-Alonso is an associate professor of History at Rice University. She is an economic historian of Latin America. Her research focus is the history of inequality. She is author of Measuring Up: A History of Living Standards in Mexico 1850-1950 (Stanford

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