AP Physics 1

  • Course StartSelf-paced
  • Course Duration18 weeks
  • Workload3-4 hours per week
  • Credit OfferedCertificate Available
  • Tuition$49

Learn all of the concepts relevant to an AP® Physics 1 class.

Course Description

This self-paced course covers all of the concepts relevant to an AP® Physics 1 class through concept videos taught by Rice University professor, Dr.  Jason Hafner, problem solving sessions taught by experienced AP® teachers, virtual lab experiences, practice problems and a free textbook offered by OpenStax College. This course is aligned with College Board’s Curriculum Framework and incorporates their Science Practices.

Topics covered include:

  • Linear Motion:
    Kinematics & translational motion
    Motion, force, mechanical energy & momentum
  • Rotational Motion:
    Circular motion & kinematics
    Torque & rotational kinematics
    Rotational energy & angular momentum
    Harmonic motion & gravitation
  • Electricity and Waves:
    Charge and matter
    Electric forces, fields & circuits
    Waves & sound

Student Resources

The course includes: high-quality concept and problem solving videos, interactive, virtual lab experiences, practice problems and more!

Free Textbook

A free textbook from our partner, OpenStax College, is aligned with College Board’s new physics framework and is available to all enrolled students. The textbook is used with video lectures and problem sessions.

Course Trailer

Lecture Samples


Any questions? Please e-mail RiceOnline.rice.edu

Professor Information

Picture of Dr. Jason Hafner

Dr. Jason Hafner

Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry Rice University Jason Hafner earned his PhD from Rice University in 1998 under Richard Smalley for work on carbon nanotubes, and pursued postdoctoral studies at Harvard University with Charles Lieber. Dr. Hafner is currently a Professor of Physics and Astronomy and of Chemistry at Rice, as well as an […]

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Picture of Gigi Nevils

Gigi Nevils

Online Course Developer and AP Physics Teacher Educator Rice University For three years, Gigi led the Rice Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching (RESST) physics program for Houston area high school physics teachers.  As a high school teacher with Spring Branch and Houston ISD, she taught AP Physics C, Pre-AP, and regular Physics courses at Stratford […]

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Picture of Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

AP Physics Teacher Fort Bend ISD Matt Wilson teaches AP Physics 1 and 2 and AP Physics C at Stephen F. Austin High School in Fort Bend ISD near Houston, Texas.  This is his eleventh year as an AP Physics teacher. He is also the Academic Decathlon Coach and Science Olympiad Sponsor. Matt received his […]

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