Fundamentals of Immunology Specialization

  • Course StartSelf-paced
  • Course Duration21 weeks
  • Workload5-8 hours per week
  • Credit OfferedCertificate Available
  • TuitionSubscription

Learn the basic concepts and vocabulary of immunology.

Specialization Description

This specialization is designed to equip students with the basic concepts and vocabulary of immunology. The goal is to provide students from different backgrounds with a fundamental understanding of immunology and the ability to appreciate and analyze new developments in immunological therapies designed for the treatment of disease.

You will learn:

  • The basics of innate immunity, including complement, and its role in inflammation and activation of adaptive immunity.
  • The development of B cells and the production and improvement of antibodies.
  • The development of Th cells and their roles in promoting both immune responses and tolerance.
  • The role of the Major Histocompatibility Proteins in alerting T cells and their role in the success of organ and tissue transplants.
  • The mechanisms whereby cytotoxic T cells and natural kill cells recognize rogue-self cells and prod them into apoptosis.
  • The principles of chemical communication among immune cells.
  • Some example of how the immune system can cause problems and how we deal with these issues.

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Picture of Dr. Alma Moon Novotny

Dr. Alma Moon Novotny

Alma Novotny earned her PhD from Purdue University in Developmental Biology under the direction of Michael Forman.  She has taught college courses for over forty years in plant and animal sciences, genetics and introductory, cell and developmental biology.  She has also written test question banks and contributed questions to both the MCAT and the GRE […]

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