Cleaning up the large number of groundwater contamination sites is a significant and complex environmental challenge. The environmental industry is continuously looking for remediation methods that are both more effective and cost-efficient. Over the past 10 years there have been amazing, important developments in our understanding of key attenuation processes, technologies for evaluating natural attenuation processes, and a changing institutional perspective on when and where Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) may be applied. Despite these advances, restoring groundwater contaminated by anthropogenic sources to allow unrestricted use continues to be a challenge. Because of a complex mix of physical, chemical, and biological constraints associated with active in-situ cleanup technologies, there has been a long standing focus on understanding natural processes that attenuate groundwater contaminant plumes.

We will build upon basic environmental sciences and environmental engineering principles to discover how to best implement MNA as a viable treatment for groundwater contamination plumes. Additionally we will delve into the history behind and make predictions about the new directions for this technology.

Any professional working in the environmental remediation industry will benefit from this in-depth study of MNA. We will use lectures, readings, and computational exercises to enhance our understanding and implementation of MNA. At the completion of this course, students will have an updated understanding and practical tools to apply to all possible MNA sites.

Professor Information

Picture of Dr. Pedro Alvarez

Dr. Pedro Alvarez

Pedro J.J. Alvarez is the George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University, where he also serves as Director of the NSF ERC on Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT). His research interests include environmental implications and applications

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Picture of Dr. Charles Newell

Dr. Charles Newell

Dr. Charles Newell is a Vice President of GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.) He is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, a NGWA Certified Ground Water Professional, and an Adjunct Professor at Rice University. He

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Picture of Dr. David Adamson

Dr. David Adamson

Dr. David Adamson has more than 16 years of environmental project experience in academic research and environmental consulting, and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas. He has worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Cornell University, and he

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