Frequently Asked Questions

How many spots are available per Global Scholars course?

The number of available spots differs per course and will be determined by the host university.

How many courses can I take?

As long as you have space in your degree, you may take multiple courses. {Please also keep in mind that the Global Scholars program courses may not be used towards meeting your full-time enrollment requirement (i.e. 12 credit hours for undergraduate students).}

What fees do I pay?

You are not required to pay any tuition fees to the host university. If a course has additional requirements, such as a textbook, these are detailed in the course outline from the host institution. You will be responsible for those fees.

How many credits will I receive at Rice for each Global Scholars course?

University credit systems vary between countries and even between universities within a single country. All course credits in the Global Scholars program are expressed in terms of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). You will receive 0.5 credit hours per 1 ECTS. Please see the “Available Courses” page for more information regarding course credit hours.

Do any terms and conditions apply?

Yes. Please visit the “How to Apply” page regarding the terms and conditions:

If I do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Global Scholars program, can I still take the course?

Yes, you can still take the course, but not as part of the Global Scholar program. This means you cannot participate in the exams or assessment, and consequently you will not receive credit towards your Rice degree.

Can I apply for courses other than the ones listed here?

To study as a Global Scholars program student you can only take courses that are part of the program and have been approved for credit towards your degree. We expect to have a larger offering for future semesters.

What happens if I want to drop out?

Add and drop dates are determined by the host university. If you wish to drop out, please contact the host university so they can provide advice specific to your situation. Please note that not adhering to the drop deadline of the host institution may result in a failing grade. This grade would not appear on your Rice transcript, but would remain on your record at the host institution should you pursue a degree or different program there in the future.

Is the list of partners and courses likely to change?

The Global Scholars program is a ground-breaking pilot developed by a group of world-class partners which commenced as a pilot in 2017. It is expected that more universities and more courses will be offered as the pilot progresses. The pilot is running until 2019, so if you will be at Rice during that time, there might be different opportunities for you. You could also take a Global Scholars program course now and another next year if you have space in your schedule.

Are any prerequisites required for the courses?

All course outlines from the partners indicate the level of the course and whether they have any prerequisites. Generally, the courses do not have prerequisites, though some courses are more advanced so it may be advisable to take them later in your academic career.

How long will the Global Scholars program run?

The Global Scholars program will be run as a pilot until 2019 and Rice is committed to participating for the full three years.

What will be on my transcript?

The exchange course code name will appear on your academic transcript, as well as a notation confirming credit transfer once successfully completed and approved.

When are courses and exams held?

Courses begin whenever the host university decides, so it is important to review the course description in advance for any specifics regarding timing. It is possible that the course may not run in line with Rice University’s academic calendar. The timing of any exams will be set by the host university. Rice students will be expected to sit the exam at the time scheduled by the host university. Exam times, therefore, may be in the middle of the night Houston time. For example, an exam scheduled at 5:00 p.m. Australian time would be taken at 1:00 a.m. Houston time.

Will I get a grade for the course?

The host university will grade each student using the institution’s own grading scheme. Course credit granted towards a Rice program will follow Rice transfer credit policies. No grade is recorded on your official academic transcript.

How do I receive credit for a Global Scholars program course?

When you have completed your Global Scholars program studies, the host university will contact Rice with your credit information. Credit will be articulated according to Rice transfer credit policies.

Do I have to be an undergraduate student to enroll?

Yes. At this time, the Global Scholars program is only available for undergraduate students. We may add graduate opportunities at a later time after the initial pilot program is completed.

Do I need to speak another language?

No. All Global Scholars program courses are offered and assessed in English.

What kind of assessment do I need to do?

Please check the course description for more information about the assessment method.

What are the benefits of participating?

We encourage all our students to be global citizens and enhance their international exposure. The Global Scholars program is one way to bring these opportunities to students who may not otherwise have them, due to the structure of their degree or their individual circumstances. The Global Scholars program also allows our students to participate in one of the leading education innovations of the last decade, and to be recognized for this towards their degree.

Who do I contact if I want more information?

Please email Rice Online Learning at for any further questions you may have.