Lab Safety: The Interactive Game of Don’t Endanger the Owls

Academic laboratories where hazardous materials are used are potentially dangerous places. Taking the necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary hazards is paramount for the safety of all involved. LabSafety.1x is an interactive course module to engage students and reinforce the key concepts of safe laboratory practices.

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Mary C. "Cindy" Farach-Carson | Stacey Kalovidouris

January 31, 2017

Leadership and Decision Making in the Energy Industry

Explore basics of energy sustainability through techno/economic frameworks and global markets – a comprehensive foundation for strategic business decision-making.

Past Course | Rice University powered by Canvas
Charles D. McConnell | Frederick R. Eames | Michael J. Nasi | John A. Harju | Jorge Leis | Michael Moore

August 15, 2016

Medicine in the Digital Age

The future of healthcare is connected, patient-centered, mobile, and social. Is your organization prepared for what lies ahead?

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Kirsten Ostherr | Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

May 5, 2015