Remote Teaching for Summer School 2020

All Rice University 2020 Summer Session courses will be delivered remotely. These online courses will follow the university process for all online for-credit courses, as outlined in Policy 846. Rice Online Learning is here to support faculty and instructors through this process. 

If you are planning on teaching a course this summer have you filled out the course proposal form? This is the first step in getting your summer 2020 course approved.

If you have questions or need to contact Rice Online, call 713-348-8700 or email

Summer Session Course Workflow 

All instructors of summer session courses must complete the steps in the Summer 2020 workflow to launch and complete a course according to Policy 846. All steps have been streamlined as much as possible to expedite the process, and the required kickoff meeting will discuss these steps in greater detail. Rice Online team members will be available at each step for help.

Find the recommended timelines here.

Resources for Teaching Online

Registrar Links

Training Opportunities

For additional help with Zoom, Kaltura, or Canvas, please email for 1:1 sessions with OIT’S Learning Environments team.

Summer 2020 Workflow

  • Planning 1


    A course proposal is submitted via survey. VP Global/Digital Strategy approves courses to begin production. Approval is communicated to ROL and Instructor of Record to begin course production.

  • Planning 2

    Project Initiation

    ROL contacts Instructor of Record (IoR) to schedule a kickoff meeting. IoR attends kickoff meeting and is assigned a course team with a Course Designer (CD) and a Video Producer (VP).

    Schedule your kickoff meeting here.

  • Planning 3

    Course Planning & Design

    IoR attends design sessions focused on online pedagogy, course structure, accessibility, student experience, online learning communities, and video production. Optional trainings in Zoom, Canvas, and Kaltura are available via

    Find more information here.

  • Milestone 1

    Course Structure

    IoR sets up course structure in Canvas and checks in with CD for feedback. IoR develops sample videos (if using recorded lecture videos for course delivery) and checks in with VP for feedback.

    Find more information here.

  • Milestone 2

    Week 1 - 100% Complete

    IoR creates content and adds to Canvas site for the first week/module of the course. Check-in with course team for feedback.

  • Milestone 3

    First Half - 100% Complete

    IoR creates content and adds to Canvas site for the first half of the course. Check-in with course team for feedback.

  • Milestone 4

    Beta Test

    Beta testers test the course and provide feedback reports. IoR meets with course team to discuss and implement changes based on beta testing feedback.

  • Milestone 5

    Quality Assurance

    After beta test feedback is incorporated, course team performs a final quality assessment and submits Training verification, QA report, and LOAR to ROL Director of Operations for approval.

    Find more information here.

  • Milestone 6

    Course Launch

    IoR completes pre-launch checklist.

  • Milestone 7

    End of Course Documentation Audit

    IoR meets with the course team for retrospective and completion of LOAR document. ROL Quality Support Manager completes final audit on course documentation.