Leadership Development for Engineers Specialization

Become an effective engineering leader and advance your engineering career into leadership and management roles.

Scope, Time, and Cost Management

Learn to create a scope statement, build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), prepare a cost estimate, build a project budget, create a basic scheduling network and critical path along with basic project controls and progress measurement.

Risk, Quality, Teams, and Procurement

Learn to manage risk, control the quality, engage and manage people, and procure goods and services.

Religion and Hip Hop Culture

Enhance your understanding of the intersections between religion and Hip Hop culture in the United States.

Self Awareness and the Effective Leader

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Examine your own strengths and learn ways to use them in a leadership role, and learn to manage stress and solve problems creatively.

Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants: New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications

Build upon basic environmental sciences and environmental engineering principles to discover how to best implement Monitored Natural Attenuation as a viable treatment for groundwater contamination plumes.

AP Physics 1

Learn all of the concepts relevant to an AP® Physics 1 class.