Fundamentals of Immunology: Death by Friendly Fire

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Learn about immune cells and how they attack pathogens, with emphasis on the mechanism of inducing apoptosis and details of Antibody Directed Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity.

Parallel Programming in Java

Learn to use popular parallel Java frameworks to write parallel programs for a wide range of multicore platforms , while also learning about their theoretical foundations.

Concurrent Programming in Java

Learn to use basic concurrency constructs in Java such as threads, locks, accumulators, concurrent collections, and actors, as well as their theoretical foundations.

Distributed Programming in Java

Learn to use popular distributed programming frameworks from Java programs, as well as interfaces for locality-aware scheduling in multicore processors.

Initiating and Planning

Develop the tools to initiate a project plan, manage stakeholders and relationships, organize a team, develop a project charter, and build a business case for a project.

Scope, Time, and Cost Management

Learn to create a scope statement, build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), prepare a cost estimate, build a project budget, create a basic scheduling network and critical path along with basic project controls and progress measurement.

Risk, Quality, Teams, and Procurement

Learn to manage risk, control the quality, engage and manage people, and procure goods and services.