• Course StartAugust 26, 2020
  • Credit Hours3 Hours
  • Class Time2:45-4:05pm MW
  • PrerequisitesECON 100 or ECON 200
  • Tuition$2096/Credit Hour

ECON 210 Behavioral Economics

Department: Economics
CRN: 11286
Instructor: Biavati, Michele
Prerequisites: ECON 100 or ECON 200

Examines behavioral economics, which seeks to insert more behavioral realism into economic theory by incorporating into economic models insights based on empirical observations from psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. Emphasizes attempts by behavioral economists to explain anomalies that depart from the predictions of standard economic theory. Topics include temptation and self-control, fairness and reciprocity, reference dependence, bounded rationality and choice under risk and uncertainty.


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