Math Camp for Economic PhD Students - Advanced


The aim of this instructor-led course is to introduce/remind you of a basic level of mathematics which is required for the Ph.D. courses in economics. In this course, we take some simple examples and try out notions of closeness (topological and metric spaces), order (relations) and linearity (vector spaces) on them. Also we will learn, and practice, how to write a statement and to prove it by working on elementary theorems. 

This course is organized around five mathematical structures (Order, Topological, Metric, Measurable, and Linear) and consists of 10 two-hour lectures. The lectures will be recorded for the students to watch if they have to miss a class. Please see the syllabus for further details.

Refund Policy

Students may request to drop the course and receive a refund by emailing 100% refund will be granted anytime prior to course start date and during the first 5 days after the start of the course and 50% refund will be granted between 5 and 10 days after the start the course.

Important Course Dates

Online Math Camp: August 2, 2021  – August 13, 2021

Deadline to Enroll: August 1, 2021 







Any questions? Please e-mail