SMGT 362: Sport Marketing


This online course covers the essentials of sport marketing. Learn the fundamentals of sport marketing, create a marketing plan, and deliver a marketing presentation.

SMGT 362 (Sport Marketing) is a self-paced class, with an optional live session with instructor and TAs, Monday through Friday. All of the class lectures and supporting videos have been recorded and are located on the class website. Students are required to meet deadlines for: (1) watching the lectures and supplemental videos, (2) taking quizzes and tests, (3) and completing their homework assignments and presentations. Even though this is an online class, the professor for Sport Marketing is very accessible and is available for in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, and video calls.

Requirements for live sessions:

  • Computer with a camera
  • Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support videoconferencing


Any questions? Please e-mail