Stat Camp for Economic PhD Students Audit


In this course, we will equip students with the essential tools and knowledge in statistics that are essential to modern econometric theory. As probability theory lies in the very foundation of statistics, we will build the probability tools we need along the way. In this sense, the course is designed to be self-contained. The students are expected to not only understand the tools but also be able to have a firm understanding of the mathematical mechanisms behind them, in order to prepare for future econometrics training and research.

In the audit version, students will have access to lecture videos and course content but no interaction with an instructor will be available.

There are four modules covered over twenty lectures of approximately two hours each. There is one problem set for each module and one quiz for each lecture. We will ask questions to be answered during the online lectures to measure your attendance. You should expect to study three hours on average for reviewing the material and doing the homework.

Deadline to enroll is Feb 28, 2023

Instructor: Qinyou Hu, Graduate Student, Economics

Important Course Dates

Stats Camp for Economic PhD Students Audit: May 23, 2022  – April 30, 2023


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