Instructors Teaching in Fall 2020 must complete the following six modules before fall semester begins: 

  • Student Success and Creating an Online Community
  • Making Your Course Accessible
  • Designing Your Course for Online Delivery
  • Getting the Most out of Canvas
  • Video Production for Teaching Online
  • Creating a Secure Learning Environment

To register for these training modules, visit the Fall 2020 Online Delivery Canvas Course Page.

Beginning July 1, you can schedule individual sessions with a ROL Course Designer or Video Producer for personalized ideas and feedback. Click on the links below to schedule a session.

ROL Course Designers

ROL Video Producers

Learning Environments will be offering one-on-one training as well as short videos and documentation to faculty on the classroom setups for dual delivery. Learning Environments are also working with the Student Association to have Technology TAs that can assist faculty in classrooms. For more information on the technology and training, visit

The Center for Teaching Excellence is offering a variety of group and individual opportunities for instructors on dual delivery, including:

  • Adaptable Course (Re)design Institute:  A five-day course (re)design institute facilitated by the CTE staff and Faculty Fellows that will include synchronous and asynchronous components, as well as a self-paced fully asynchronous option. 
  • One-on-one Adaptive Pedagogy Consultations for instructors on course design, teaching strategies, exam and assignment design, and student mentoring in the dual-learning context. 
  • Adaptive Teaching Workshops: CTE staff and Faculty Fellows will host ½ day remote workshops on the unique pedagogical needs of schools and disciplines in the dual-learning context. 

For more information on these opportunities, please visit their website at:

For any other questions or additional information, please email