Investment and Portfolio Management Capstone


Part of the Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization.

Put your newfound knowledge to the test by advising case study clients in your final capstone project. Each client will have different investment portfolios and circumstances, requiring you to put the full extent of your lessons into practice.

You will act as simulated Wealth Management advisor, recommending changes in portfolios based on a wide array of challenges and issues faced by your clients.

This capstone project is designed to be flexible and open-ended, allowing you, the advisor, to reach the desired goal in a number of ways, evaluated by multiple-choice questions on one end, and creating written investment plans on the other.

By the end of the project, you will have incorporated concepts from all four courses, including:

  • Multiple Asset Classes
  • Asset Allocation and Risk Management
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Investment Styles and Strategies
  • Financial Market Innovation
  • Current Market Trends

You can only access this Capstone after completing the courses in the Specialization.


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