Medicine in the Digital Age

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  • Course Duration5 weeks
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Learn about the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare in the networked age.

Course Description

Medicine is in the midst of a shift never before seen. Information and technology are advancing at rates faster than our ability to adapt. These changes, along with social forces such as the health 2.0 movement, are redefining the role of the doctor and patient. But we are effectively unprepared to deal with what lies ahead.

Medicine in the Digital Age will map out the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare in the networked age. We will explore the role of social media in healthcare communication, the uses of wearable technologies, the potential for big data to reshape health behaviors, the ethics of personalized medicine, and the impact of these new developments on the doctor-patient relationship. Participants will gain an understanding of the connected health revolution and tools to critically analyze this evolving ecosystem. Medicine in the Digital Age will launch a fresh conversation about what the future of medicine should be, and how we should get there.

Medicine in the Digital Age is designed for leaders in healthcare and allied industries looking to accelerate digital innovation in their organizations. Course participants who are looking to get up to speed on the transformations reshaping medicine today will uncover an exciting new world of opportunities and a vision for engagement. Participants who are already involved with digital health will find a unique opportunity to advance their thinking through high-level dialogue with a robust global community of innovators.

This course will offer participants an engaging, never-before-seen view of medicine and healthcare. A rich media experience will be supported by thoughtful assessments, provocative projects, and instructor engagement. At the end of the course, participants will have the vision and the knowledge to lead their organizations into the future of digital medicine.

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Professor Information

Picture of Dr. Kirsten Ostherr

Dr. Kirsten Ostherr

Kirsten Ostherr, PhD, MPH, is a media scholar who specializes in health and medical visualizations. She is Professor of English at Rice University and, with the support of a New Directions fellowship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, she recently completed a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Texas School of Public […]

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Picture of Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

Bryan Vartabedian, MD is considered one of health care’s most influential voices on social technology and medicine. His unique expertise lies in understanding medicine’s emerging digital culture and how new media can be leveraged by organizations and individual stakeholders in health care. At Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Vartabedian directs programs in digital literacy and […]

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