Foundations of Mindfulness

  • Course Duration4 weeks
  • Workload3-4 hours per week
  • Credit OfferedCoursera Certificate
  • Tuition$49

Discover the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of mindfulness.

Course Description

This course provides a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of mindfulness. With interactive exercises to help students explore their own attitudes, mental habits and behaviors, Foundations of Mindfulness offers a pathway for living with more freedom, authenticity and ease. Featured components of the course include experiential exercises, guided meditations, personal reflection and interactive discussions.

Throughout this course, students will learn about key mindfulness concepts and practices that:

  • Support the ability to use attention in an enhanced way
  • Deepen understanding of the mind/body connection, and highlights ways that the body is a direct portal to presence
  • Provide guidance for enhancing resilience, with specific regard to opening to and accepting a wide range of emotion
  • Teach wise ways for paying attention to thinking
  • Highlight the causes and conditions of universal human suffering
  • Showcase how to take the benefits that come from regular meditation and integrate them into daily life.
Additionally, students will learn how to establish and sustain a regular meditation routine.


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Professor Information

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Dr. Elizabeth Slator

Dr. Elizabeth Slator has been teaching and consulting in the areas of health, human performance and behavior change for more than fifteen years. She currently works at Rice University, where she teaches classes on performance psychology and leadership development, serves as a leadership coach for the Doerr Institute, is a sport psychology consultant for the Rice […]

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