Mindfulness and Well-being: Living with Balance and Ease Online Course


About the Living with Balance & Ease Mindfulness Course on Coursera:

This is the sequel course to Foundations of Mindfulness you will take a deeper dive into the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of mindfulness. You’ll also be provided with more tools for including mindfulness into everyday life. With interactive exercises to help you explore your own attitudes, mental habits and behaviors, Foundations of Mindfulness series offers a pathway for living with more freedom, authenticity and ease. Featured components of the course include experiential exercises, guided meditations, personal reflection and interactive discussions.

Who should attend:

  • Individuals with an interest in meditation practice aimed towards greater mental health
  • People seeking to reduce stress in their lives while learning to pay attention to the things that matter most
  • Anyone with an open mind who is interested in starting a path towards mindfulness and overall well-being

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Increase capacity for attentional control, sustained focus and presence
  • Concepts and practices that deepen the understanding of the mind/body connection, and highlights ways that the body is a direct portal to presence
  • Cultivate compassion for self and others



Image of Professor Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Slator

Dr. Elizabeth Slator, has been teaching and consulting in the areas of health, human performance and behavior change for more than two decades. An avid surfer, hiker and all-around sports nut, Elizabeth’s deepest passion lies in the intersections of mindfulness, well-being and nature, and she has created several classes, programs and retreats combining those interests.

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